Does Your Property Look Like a Jungle?

Does Your Property Look Like a Jungle?

Let a tree expert in Salem, NJ polish your landscape

Shrubs, bushes and trees line the exterior of your building to create an inviting look. When they grow out of control, others may be hesitant about entering your home or office. Instead of hosting a jungle, let a tree expert prune and trim your trees for a pristine finish. C & J Tree Services, LLC provides commercial and residential tree services that'll make your landscape gorgeous.

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Are tree trimming and tree pruning services interchangeable?

Although the two services are similar, they harbor different results. It's wise to know the difference prior to hiring a tree expert in Salem, NJ. This way, you'll understand exactly what you're getting. Here are the major differences between the two:

  • Tree trimming: This service is primarily for aesthetic appeal. Unsightly branches or leaves are removed for a clean and stunning design.
  • Tree pruning: Pruning removes dead or potentially dangerous branches from the plant. This is necessary for preserving the tree or shrub and promoting healthy growth.

Both of these services are necessary to create a beautiful landscape. Speak with a tree expert today to discuss the best service for you. Call 856-498-3287 today.